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My speech in the worldwide Human Rights Defenders platform

In china most of the time that people have their rights violated,it is government officials or people who have close ties with government who violate them.As a human rights defender(HRD),when we help the victims of these violations,we challenge powerful interests and local officials make use of the courts,among other things,to retaliateagainst us.

What the Communist Party fears most is that people will form together into a community.The Party is afraid that when Human Rights Defenders(HRDS) gather together to defend the rights of others,they will attract more and more people to the cause,and eventually there will be a fully formed group of people determined to engage in human rights defence.As a result of this,the Communist Party sees human rights defenders as a threat to their rule.

In 2010 Ms Ni Yulan,a well-know HRD,was left homeless after her house was torn down and she evicted from her temporary lodging by police.With no other choice,she
forced to live in a tent in a park,close to t…